New York-based artist Tug Rice images seven storylines of Dreyden's cashmere sweaters as knits about town. The illustrations are inspired by the charm of wry, witty hand-drawn images as often seen in the Sunday paper or at the dining club. 
"It suddenly dawned on Alfred that that turtles, too, sport turtlenecks."
"As India ink spread across Charles' cashmere crewneck, he couldn't help think about lunch."
"Even though Henry was very late, there had to be an order to his dress: civility must live on, after all!"
"Drew had to make it home with the Northeasterly wind, as his Aran jumper was already all soaked."
"William was very pleased to always find time for a hot cup of PG Tips on the slopes."
"Archie's terrier quietly enjoyed gelato for the third time today."
"Miles did occasionally wonder whether the tennis or the cricket jumper came first."