Dreyden is cashmeres for study or sport, specializing in the finest quality knitwear. The collection was founded in the winter of 2018 by father-and-daughter duo Carolyn and Kenneth Yim, whose family has made knitwear for three generations. They both studied at Columbia University and loved the darkwood desks, banker lamps, and book stacks of Butler Library.

Named after the famous English poet John Dryden, Dreyden started with the poet’s black turtleneck, expanding to a full range of knitwear for artists, writers, and the occasional-philosopher. Every sweater is finished with a cashmere "peachy wash" that was passed down through the family business, for a superlatively soft hand.

The Dreyden Lion insignia is a nod to the label's Hong Kong past and future. The East-Meets-West Lion knits together two great catsthe Chinese Guardian Lion with an embroidery ball originating in the Han Dynasty, and the lion marble letterhead from John Dryden's favorite Button's Coffee House in London.

Enjoy a Dreyden cashmere for everyday reading, armchair traveling, or loafing about. Now available at Lane Crawford Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu.