About Dreyden

Dreyden presents fine knitwear for the study. Every sweater is made with yarn from the best mill in their category. That's Loro Piana cashmere, Botto Giuseppe merino, Lineapelle linen, and Emilcotoni Cotton. They each have multi-generational expertise in spinning the best yarns.

The collection is grew from the black turtleneck -- the original writer's, poet's artist's, architect's, and occasional philosopher's uniform -- into a full range of knitwear for everyday reading, armchair traveling, and loafing.

Dreyden is named after John Dryden, the first ever Poet Laureate of England in 1668. He created the foundation of the modern English language, paving the road for literary masters like William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. Poetry, he writes,“ought to be plain and natural, yet majestic…” At Dreyden, we are influenced by this sensibility. We strive simultaneously for both passion and simplicity.

Dreyden is made and designed by father and daughter duo Kenneth and Carolyn Yim. They both studied at Columbia University and loved the darkwood desks, banker lamps, and book stacks of Butler Library.